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Sales Conditions and Ordering Information


 Hello there! Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a moment to read our Sales Conditions and Ordering Information.


1. BY WEB: www.damseeds.com
2. BY PHONE: (905) 628-6641
3. BY MAIL: Use the enclosed order form.
4. BY Email: info@damseeds.com
Office/Phone Desk hours:
* Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm, closed

All orders must be paid before shipping; we have no terms of credit. If any order remains unpaid for longer than 14 business days, we will considered it unwanted and we reserve the right to cancel it. Payment may be made by:
1. CREDIT CARD: VISA or MasterCard. We do not accept Visa/debit cards - our systems don’t accept these. If your credit card is declined, we will contact you.
2. EMAIL TRANSFER: info@damseeds.com
4.CHEQUE we reserve the right to delay shipment of order until the cheque clears the bank or to refuse cheque as a payment method. Cheques are cashed upon receipt of order. No Post-dated cheques. For store purchases: Orders under $250.00 - cheques with valid ID accepted. Orders over $250.00 we accept cheques only from customers in good standing for more than 2 years.
6. DEBIT CARD: In-store purchases only
*We do not accept Paypal.

Due to the Canadian dollar fluctuation, we reserve the right to adjust the prices listed in this catalogue, especially for larger sizes. Please ask for a price quote on larger quantities. We also reserve the right to remove discounts in the event of unexpected dollar fluctuations.

Please be aware of your financial situation when placing an order. Any cheque returned to us from the bank may be subject to our $10.00 handling charge, as well as the bank’s service charge. Any outstanding accounts will be subject to 2% interest per month on the balance owing. Credit Card chargebacks may be subject to our $25.00 handling charge.

No returns without authorization. Any seed or order returned to us will be subject to a 15% re-stocking charge. Returns accepted only within month of purchase, in good condition (for seed returns, may be subject to germination test), packages must be unmarked and unopened, and must be returned with proof of purchase. Shipping paid to return the product will not be credited/refunded.

If there is a credit remaining on your invoice due to overpayment, you can use this credit towards your next order. If you prefer a refund, please let us know. We cannot do etransfer or cheque refunds for less than $10.00

GST INFORMATION: As of Jan 2008, 5% Goods and Services Tax is charged on: all packets of Flower, Vegetable, Herb, and other Seeds; and on all other
products listed in this catalogue. GST is also applicable to shipping charges. GST Exempt are: Bean, Pea, and Corn seed in quantities exceeding 5 kg; all other Vegetable and Herb seeds in quantities exceeding 125g; more than 2500 seeds if sold on a seed count basis, Onion Sets, and Garlic Bulbs.
HST INFORMATION: We are required to collect 13% HST for ON, and 15% HST for NB, NL, NS and PEI. Shipping charges are subject to HST.

As the seed industry does experience crop failures or seed shortage, it is our company practice to provide, when possible, substitute varieties for any that are not available. We attempt to choose a substitute that resembles the unavailable one as close as possible. If you do not want a substitute, please indicate so when you place your order and we will cancel the item instead of providing a substitute.

We ship by Commercial Expedited Canada Post for most orders, heavy and large items may go other methods. If you would prefer to use Fedex or UPS, please ask for a quote.
Our shipping/handling fee of $8.95 still applies to orders despite using another courier. Please add a separate shipping/handling fee $8.95 for onion set, spring garlic bulb and asparagus orders these items ship together after the risk of frost has passed. Please add a separate shipping/handling fee $8.95 for fall garlic which ships in September. Due to increased oversize and bulk item charges, please be sure to add extra oversize shipping charges where applicable. Orders to postal codes that require air lift will have additional charges.

As of December 1, 2022, we will accept pre-orders for the 2023 season with order fulfillment beginning mid-January in sequence of order placement. The reason we operate this way is so that we can test and package seed as close to the order fulfillment season as possible. This translates to freshly tested and packaged seed equaling high quality. Expect a length of time for processing on pre-orders and plan accordingly. We aim to begin shipping first week December orders in mid-January depending on the amount orders placed in those first couple of weeks it may take some time to work thru to January orders. For
example, an order placed mid-December may ship mid February if we receive a high volume of early orders.
If you require your order to be shipped by a specific date, please indicate the date clearly when placing your order.
Also plan accordingly for time spent in transit. Interior BC orders, such as to Whale town BC, may take 14-17 business days to ship.

We are currently unable to make changes to orders. This allows us to streamline the order fulfillment process and focus on shipping a high volume of orders. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you carefully review your order before submitting.

Due to the administration of pickups we reserve the right to charge a $6.95 pickup fee. Pick up orders will be held for 7 business days after the customer is
notified that it is ready for pick-up. After 7 days, the order is considered unwanted and will be restocked for other use. No refund or credit will be granted to any garlic, onion, or gladioli pick up orders that are pre-paid but not picked up. Once the customer is notified the order is ready, it is their responsibility to pick up the goods. No pre-orders taken for Asparagus roots. It is only available for pickup on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to pre-order, it must be shipped out for $8.95.

If you are gone for holidays please notify your post office to hold your packages, or indicate when you would like us to ship your order. If a package is returned
to us, there will be an additional shipping charge to resend the parcel along with the Canada Post Return to Sender Charge.

Seeds are living things that are subject to your growing methods and conditions for their performance, therefore we cannot guarantee their results. Do not soak any seed purchased from us unless specified in the growing instructions. Poor germination as a result negates the growing warranty. If you have troubles with our seed please contact us immediately (not at the end of the season) so that we can help you with a solution. As gardeners ourselves, the germination rate and purity of the seed are of utmost importance to us. The germination rate and purity of our seed exceeds the requirements set forth in the Canada Seed Act. It is our policy to notify you if a problem exists or develops with any particular lot of seed.
The seed that we sell is meant to be grown in soil or professional media, using good farming practices. We are not a source for seeds meant for human or
animal consumption. If you are not satisfied with any of the other goods that we sell, please contact us so that we can arrange to exchange or refund it within 30 days of purchase.

We limit our warranty to the vitality and purity of seeds in the year stated on the back of the packaging, to the full amount of the purchase price. William Dam Seeds Limited will not be responsible for damages arising from any breach of condition as to the variety, quality, or productiveness of any seeds, bulbs, or any other goods we sell; nor be responsible for the crop. We realize mistakes can be made, but in no case shall William Dam Seeds Limited be liable for more than the amount actually paid for the seeds, bulbs, rootstock, and other goods. We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered.

We have no authorized dealers.

Our prices and sizes are subject to change without notice. Prices in this catalogue are in effect until October 31, 2023.

The placing of an order signifies acceptance of these terms by the purchaser.